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05-08-2017, 01:59 PM
Long story short, i recently started using Installshield to do some repackaging at my new job and while i'm discovering new stuff every week, i've been having trouble injecting a configuration file to my last package.
I'm not really sure if i'm doing it right because i take advice from my colleague combine to other threads i've read and in the end it doesn't work as i want it to.
So here's what i did:

1: I added a .ini file to a newly added folder " [UserProfile]/Appdata/Local/ApplicationName/ " created in the installation process in the "Files and Folders" Tab
2: In the Setup Design tab, under ProgramFiles, i've created a Feature named "repair" with the "Allow Advertise" parameter enabled and set Required to "Yes"
3: In the "Repair" feature, i've created a component which content the .ini file that i added in the first step.
4: In the same feature, i moved the software shortcut (advertised) from another feature so that it only check/repair this feature.

Results: When i'm installing with my admin account, everything's fine. The config.ini is in the right spot and the software run without any problem.
When i log in with a test account, without administrative right, the msi does it's job and gives the impression of checking/repairing but it does not apply the .ini in the localappdata folder.

I think i might have skipped some steps and that's why i created my account on this forum , to improve.
Thanks for your help and sorry in advance for my English, not my native language.

05-08-2017, 04:40 PM
That sounds like you are running into File Virtualization because of User Account Control.

Nothing to change in InstallShield typically. You just need to run the process using elevated privileges.