View Full Version : Suite: Install button state doesn't refresh after property change

04-17-2017, 05:32 PM

This is about a Suite project and the UI of the InstallationFeatures dialog not being refreshed.

We already have a custom Wizard dialog where we validate the contents of a TextBox in a custom action, set the result to a property and have the Next button be enabled/disabled depending on the value of the property. All good and fine in that custom dialog.

Now we need to do a similar thing in the InstallationFeatures dialog, but it won't work. We want to put a limit on how many features the user is allowed to select and disable the "Install" button if the number of selected features is larger than x. The custom action is called on </FeatureSelectionTree.ItemChanged>, counts the selected features and sets a property to the correct number. I can see in the logfile that this part works. What doesn't work is to enable/disable the Install button. It sets it to the correct state when entering the dialog, but not while being in the dialog. I have to click back/next to see the new state reflected.

Does anyone have an idea why a similar workflow works in our custom dialog with a <TextBox.Changed> but not in the InstallationFeatures dialog with a </FeatureSelectionTree.ItemChanged> event?