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04-15-2017, 07:23 AM

I have just used your software fro the first time and am having problems. I used the Project Assistant but found I was asked questions I did not know the answer for. For example I am using Visual Basic Net 2015 and was asked whether my software required a specific operating system. I don't think it does but do I need to cross and out? Then I was asked what software, if any, my software required. Again I do not know what to enter. Then I was asked what files or folders I wanted to include I think I sorted that but then was asked about Registry entries I wished to include. Sorry I have no idea what to include or exclude. The final page I believe I have completed correctly but found I could not "complete" the exercise. This programme is far more complicated than it needs to be. By contrast the "Publish" facility in Visual Basic is simplistic.

The reason I wanted to try your software is to see if I could overcome the "You cannot install this programme from this location as it is already installed from a different location" If any kind soul could assist in resolving either or both of the problems I would be much appreciative of any such assistance.