View Full Version : Per-User Chained package to be installed regardless it's already inst for another usr

03-14-2017, 12:02 PM

I have chained package which is installed into peruser location (ALLUSERS=2 MSIINSTALLPERUSER=1) files and registry go straight to per-user locations and ARP entry is created for current user. Parent package is also installed into per-user location.

Is it possible to make installation to install both of them from another user? As far as i understood child (chained) package GUID (productcode) is stored in installer reposirory (in HKLM registry) and as a result i have:
Skipping chained package Pkg1 installation because it is already installed
in logfile.

Is there any way to make chained install ignore the fact it is installed?
ActiveSetup will not fit and i can not use advertised shortcuts due to Continuous Integration process will not allow implementing this.

Thanks in advance.
Would appreciate any help.