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03-02-2017, 11:16 AM

I am new in InstallShield and I have been developing a simple InstallScript project.
And I spent a lot of time fighting with SdOptionsButtons function.

The example and explanation in the documentation is just perfect.
In spite of that I am not able to change the button images.
I suspect it is a banal problem, but I really spent a lot of time in that.

It is written that listButton specifies a string list that contains from one to four element and the string list elements should have the following format:
Both png and bmp files are accepted.
The question is where to add these resources.
I have automatically generated _isuser_0x0409.dll and I tried to add resources there. Unfortunately rebuilding the project overrides my changes.
At the end I created a custom dialog and added a bitmap control there in order to have the images in the appropriate place. Unfortunately this time I am not able to add png files.
How could I add and where PNG resources and respectively how could I take their ResourceID-s if they are not part of _isuser_0x0409.dll.

Thanks in advance!