View Full Version : Folder specified during installation interview using InstallShield 2016. How?

02-27-2017, 01:11 PM

I'm trying to transfer a Basic MSI project that interviews the user for two folders and then installs files into these two folders from InstallShield 2010 to InstallShield 2016. I've implemented this previously in InstallShield 2010 using an advice I got of the Internet, which I cannot now find, where I would add a record to the Directory table which has the same name as a Property. It would then show on the Files and Folders (see attachment) view for me to add the files.

This however does not now work because of a newly added error -7354 (https://community.flexerasoftware.com/showthread.php?220880-Error-7354-for-ID_STRING44-identified-during-build).

How do I go about implementing this correctly using InstallShield 2016?

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