View Full Version : The upgrade process has flaws?

02-08-2017, 06:55 PM
Can someone please explain why this process is broken and what the error message is as I cannot find it anywhere.

Open InstallShield 2016
Help > About InstallShield
Press the Upgrade button
InstallShield Product Activation (Hello this product is already authorised! Virtual Windows 2016 Server)
Press Active (My most recent correct Activation Code is in the box)
Online activation fails
Try offline put in the XML and activate

[Window Title]
Offline Activation Failed

[Main Instruction]
Offline Activation Failed

The offline transaction failed. Make sure that the response text is properly formatted. Click the help link below for more information.

Error 51314 - The response is for a request that is no longer usable.


I can't find any information on Error 51314.