View Full Version : System Search Wizard: Failure after adding RegLocator/IniLocator searches

01-25-2017, 11:48 AM
Fast way to reproduce:
Create a minimal Basic MSI Project,
From "System Search Wizard" add Predefined Search "Adobe Reader 10.0"

With Installshield 2016 you get:
AppSearch and RegLocator Signature_ column is filled in red. :confused:
During build no error, no warning,
At run time the associated property is empty, then you are unable to retrieve the reg data value. :mad:

Originaly I followed the Installshield TIP : "Saving MSI property values to make them available after the initial installation"
With Installshield 2015 SP1, this works perfectly.

01-25-2017, 02:54 PM
The Broken References Indicator has been introduced in InstallShield 2016. There are instances where a Direct Editor table record might reference a foreign key record that no longer exists. InstallShield now displays the cells of such broken references with a red fill color to call attention to the broken reference. It is just an IDE enhancement that lets you easily identify orphaned records. It does not affect any run-time behavior. If the installation built using InstallShield 2015 works as expected, compare with the MSI built using InstallShield 2016 and see if there are any difference between the packages.