View Full Version : Using Data from file to create scheduled task?

01-18-2017, 07:33 AM

i have a question about reading out a XML File during installation. I want to do the following:

The user needs to pass me a Property at command line(this is going to be a silent-only installation). I use this property to read from a XML File. My plan was to read it with System search. But there is my first uncertainty. The XML File is a part of the Setup. But System Search sounds more like it is looking for existing files, even if i can select a path from the setup.

So my question is: can i use a Property to define what XML-Note should be read? For example <XML><1>ABC</1><2>DEF</2></XML>. For example the XPath could look like XML/[NUMBER] if the used property-name is NUMBER.

Thanks in advance.