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12-04-2001, 01:00 AM
Again the old problem of being able to do upgrades without requiring the
user to manually specify REINSTALL in the command line.
I couldn't even begin to tell you how much grief I had to go through over
this in IPWI 2.0x.

I am now using Developer7, and would like to be able to generate a single
self-extracting .exe for download from the web.
So far, so good. This did not prove to be a major problem - in fact, this
seems to be very well-done in Developer7.

The Problem:
I want to be able to have the installation detect when an older version of
the product is already installed, and run with the appropriate command line

How can this be done?

The only alternative I can think of (unless someone comes up with a
solution, attn: Robert Dickau) is to write OUR OWN in-house self-extracting
..exe that
(1) checks if Windows Installer is installed, and if not prompts the user
with an appropriate message and exits.
(2) if Windows Installer is installed, extracts itself and caches the
installation files on the local disk
(3) checks if an earlier version of our product is installed.
(4) if an earlier version is detected, runs the installation with a
REINSTALL command line
(5) if no earlier version is detected, runs the installation with a normal
command line.

Needless to say, this would be a major pain (which we will have to endure,
unless a solution can be found SOON), especially considering the fact that
this seems like such a basic thing that it would have been solved a looooong
time ago. Indeed, people have been complaining about this in the newsgroups
for a long long time now.


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