View Full Version : Operating System Requirements Message doesn't match the condition

12-15-2016, 10:18 AM

I am using Install Shield 2016- Premier Edition With Virtualization Pack

I need to create a Installer which restrict the installation on windows XP , windows 2003 and below. It should be able get installed on all other windows versions.

Under the Installation requirement Page I have done the changes screen shot is attached and the condition correctly kicks in when I try to install on windows XP and 2003. Also I see the corresponding change in ISM.However the message is incorrect instead of showing message that because this is XP you can't install it shows the following message,

Here is the Message when I run the installer on XP or 2003:
Installer X requires that your computer is running windows 2000 or windows XP or windows Server 2003 or windows Vista

the Message I am expecting:
Installer X requires that your computer is NOT running windows 2000 or windows XP or windows Server 2003

Message shown when trying to install on XP
changes in the InstallShield
ISM file Condition
<row><td>(Not Version9X) And (Not (VersionNT&gt;=400 And VersionNT&lt;=502))</td><td>##IDPROP_EXPRESS_LAUNCH_CONDITION_OS##</td></row>

Is this bug. Is there a way I can change the message that is showing up.


Couldn't insert the images so I have to use the photo bucket.