View Full Version : Install Setup Player issues, Help

11-07-2016, 11:27 AM
Morning all,

I am installing a software package called iNovah cashier and it tells me that I need this Flexera add-on to continue but it will not install for some reason. I installed a dozen and then wham, this once is kicking my rear. Since I am un sure of what this add-on does, I am not sure where to start but would appreciate help or routing this to the correct forum if need be.

On my Win 10 PC, the add-on installed is called InstallShield Setup Player V19 by Flexera Software LLC.

There are all Win 7, 64bit, 500Gb HDD's, 8Gb RAM etc... All up to date with the latest and greatest and just cannot get past this one for some reason and would like some help.

Take care.