View Full Version : IA 2015 uses system java for launching application in MAC instead of bundled JVM

07-20-2016, 02:30 AM

Our application is simple coreJava/Swing desktop application without any DB.

We have created installer for our application for both MAC and Window. We have bundled VM along with installer. Have forced installer to always use bundled VM.

In windows, after installation if I try to launch my application, I could see that my application is using the JVM which is bundled with my application installer.

but In MAC, If I try to launch my application after installation, I could see that two processes are started. One is using JVM which is bundled with installer. I hope, It is the IA process. Another process is my actual application which is using system default JVM. I want my application process also always to use the bundled JVM. Could anyone please help on this?