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07-11-2016, 01:26 AM

I am trying to update an old intallAnywhere projet to the 2015 version. I manage to load it but when I want to buil it I have this message:
Build Failure: The uninstaller should be associated with InstallAnywhere Uninstall Component

I have tried to follow the suggestion
Please associate the Uninstaller (Create Unistaller Action) with the "InstallAnywhere Uninstall Component"

So I look in the help documentation to see how to do but unfortunately it does not correspond to what is in the interface.
For example at the first step it is said:

If one an Create Uninstaller action is not available in the project, add one:
a. In the Advanced Designer, on the Sequence page, click Install. The Install view opens.
b. In the Visual Tree, add a Create Uninstaller action to the project, if one is not already present.

But I did not found any Create Uninstaller action in the action list

So any help is welcomed


07-12-2016, 12:03 AM
If you are not finding the 'Create Uninstaller' in Actions list, it means that the action is already available in the Install Phase.

Expand everything in the visual tree in Install Phase and find out the action - Change $PRODUCT_NAME$ Installation.

Now, on the top, you should have a combo - Assign To. Select 'Components' in that combo and associate the action 'Change $PRODUCT_NAME$ Installation' to the component 'InstallAnywhere Uninstaller Component'

You can view the available components in Organization --> Components

07-12-2016, 03:25 AM
I did not found the Change $PRODUCT_NAME$ Installation.
So I made a simple installation file which works to make comparison. When I make the comparison with the installation made with the InstallAnywhere previous version I found Uninstall $PRODUCT_NAME$ instead.
So I changed the name to Change $PRODUCT_NAME$ Installation.
Then I follow the procedure described in the help and it seems to work