View Full Version : How to uninstall feature On Maint

04-13-2016, 04:57 AM
Hello !

I'm (my company) using installshield X, and I'm facing a little trouble I need to fix.

On this project, user can choose between 2 layouts.
Inside the app, if he's in the new layout, he can choose to go back to the older one and 'vice versa'.

This will put a value into an .ini file, that i'll read using installshield.

So far so good.

When he'll run installshield for the second time, I'll go to OnMaint procedure.

On this, I delete files of the previous layout and I'll select the feature associated with the layour user has chosen.

I don't unse Features reinstall procedure as it will copy back the same files as the first time.

The issue I'm facing is that, on first layout change features copy new feature correctly, but if i'm trying to do it more than once, it seems that Installshield 'remeber' already copied features and doesn't want to copy them again.

So what I what is a way to say to 'IS' which feature I unselect, in order for it to be able to reinstall IT.

I don't know if I'm pretty clear on my explanations.

Any help welcome.

I apologize for my English, I'm actually french and I haven't been pactising english for long time.