View Full Version : IAW 2014 launcher executes 2 java processes; the second is detected as Security Alert

03-22-2016, 09:28 AM

I have migrated a IAW 2009 project to a IAW 2014 project.
I use a bundle 32-bit Java jre.

The IAW 2014 launcher installation process raises a Windows Security alert when clicking on "Install" from the Installation Details Panel, while the IAW 2009 launcher does not.
Using the Java VisualVM Tool, I have noticed the IAW 2014 launches 2 java processes in all : one when the IAW launcher is started, and another one when clicking on "Install" button, while the IAW 2009 does not launch the second one...
I suspect this second java process is detected as Security Alert and is blocked.

Here are the details using IAW 2014:

- the involved main class is com.zerog.lax.LAX.

- The bunlde extracted jre is located in %tmp%\IFolder1\Windows\resource\jre.

- The first java process is launched with arguments: %tmp%\IFolder1\Windows\MyInstaller.lax %tmp%\lax4200.tmp
- The second java process is laucnhed with arguments : %tmp%\375009.tmp\MyInstaller1.lax %tmp%lax58F9.tmp

What can I do to prevent the second java process to be detected as Security Alert ?
Why this second java process is launched using IAW 2014 and not using IAW 2009 ?

Thanks for your help,