View Full Version : Check for IIS fails with IIS 10

02-25-2016, 01:42 PM
I'm creating a basic msi installer and one of my features gets hidden (set level to 0) if IIS 6.0 or greater is not installed.

The exact condition is
(IIS_VERSION >= "#6")
where IIS_VERSION is defined in System Search by InstallShield.

When I tested this with no IIS, IIS 6.0, and IIS 7.5 it worked great.

When I tested it on Windows 10, it has IIS 10 so IIS_VERSION is set to "#10" (I've checked this in the installation log), but the condition fails.

I manually changed the appropriate reg key from 10 to 9. In that case IIS_VERSION is set to "#9" and it works.

So, am I doing something wrong or is there a bug in InstallShield.


02-25-2016, 04:08 PM
Sounds like it is doing a string compare rather than a numeric compare (10 would come before 6 if comparing an ascii string).