View Full Version : Upgrade option over-rides uninstall option

02-23-2016, 01:36 AM
The installer we created had an uninstall option, so when we try to install the application on a machine that already had it, uninstaller would come in action instead.

Later on we developed the installer to have an “upgrade” functionality which is provided by InstallAnywhere. So now if we try to install again on a same machine and version of new installation is later than the existing, update functionality takes over and removed exiting version and installs the new one.
But this has over-ridden the uninstall .We don’t see the option to “uninstall” only anymore.

If the version of the new application being installed is older than the existing application on machine, we simply get a notification that existing version is latest and thus install will be aborted.

I have tried various combinations of “maintenance mode” where “uninstall” option is checked along with “upgrade” and also allowing multiple installation on one machine etc. but I cannot get the uninstall option to be available with upgrade.

Have any of you come across a use case like this where user would like choose if he wants to un-install or to upgrade the application? Can this be achieved using InstallAnywhere?

Would appreciate any help.