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02-09-2016, 01:51 PM
Trying not to panic.
So I've inherited the role of taking care of builds at my workplace. I am trying to make a printer installation that requires executing some command line commands.

Honestly I would rather just write a batch file that executes the commands, but we need to ask the client for the printer's IP.

I am terribly lost in using installshield to get any information from the user to pass to a command line command.

Essentially the program needs to:
Add our cert with the "certUtil" command.
Copy the driver files.
Create a printer port for the printer matching its IP with "Cscript Prnport.vbs"
Create the printer using "rundll32 prtintui.dll, PrintUIEntry" where we will add the print from one of the locally copied drivers using the port created in the previous step.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated, I want to add a dialog that queries the user for the IP and then passes the IP to some calls to the command line.

Thanks in advance!

02-09-2016, 02:31 PM
I downloaded Kent Foyer's "IP Address Dialog for Standard Projects" off of installsite and am looking at it.

I believe I am approximately at the same stage as a monkey holding a wrench in one hand and an alternator in the other standing in front of a car with the hood up.

02-11-2016, 12:53 PM
I decided to go with a basic MSI project. Ultimately I only want perhaps a license dialog(unknown at this point if required), and the IP inquiry to be displayed to the user. (Although if I have to live with the Welcome, Progress, and Finished dialog that is OK).

I have now a dialog that with 4 fields one for each octet to set a property for that octet.

And two custom actions:
One to add the certificate required to the system root store from the support files and
Two to execute the command line command required to make the printer port using the 4 octet properties.

However I have been unable to get the IP dialog to appear, let alone to test if it is properly able to set the properties as entered by the user.

The custom actions execute successfully, right now they are set for commit execution as I want them to be after EULA acceptance and after the user has a chance to change the default IP.

The "IPInquire" dialog is set to be right after the license agreement dialog, and I want it to be the last dialog before executing the CA's and installing files.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!