View Full Version : Don't Remote old versions + Installdir problem

02-08-2016, 10:26 AM
Hi everyone!

We use InstallShield in for VisualStudio and I've benn searching for hours without success for these two (independent) issues:

1) When we release a new Version of our Software we change the Pruduct Version and the INSTALLDIR. When we install the new version it removes (all) the old versions of the software (even though they have a different INSTALLDIR) and we don't want that.
How can we disable or change that it does't remove/replaces any old versions of the software?

2) We run VBScript as Custum Action "After Register Product". There we need to acces the INSTALLDIR path, but it doesn't let me access it through Session.Property("INSTALLDIR"). At this point of the Installation it doesn't seem to be allowed to acces any Session Property's, I tried it in "After Register Product" and there it works, but I need it in the script at "After Register Product". Any Ideas how to get the path?

I'm thankful for any help.