View Full Version : Referenced by two projects but the reference for only one is created.

01-12-2016, 08:29 AM
Ive searched for few hours but cant find the answear for the following

i have two projects in the solution, both have the reference to the same dll and both need the same reference in the folder with them. [they are in the diferent folders in the instalation]

Ive added the primary outputs for both projects to the right folders. Both references have set Copy Local to True. But when the setup is done. So i would expect the both references appear in the primary output location


we are using TFS build. And my collegue told me that TFS puts all files in one directory and something has to handle them to the final locations? I couldnt find any information about this either.
Im not creator of the setup, hes..gone so i cannot get this information in case its somehow custom made.
My 1st online question, so im sorry for the typos or not being very exact. I hope you get the point.
It creates the references OK if i build it localy, however.. if i use automated build which is using msbuild, the 2nd reference is not created in the installation

is there option or something in the IS that im missing?