View Full Version : Three Server Redundancy Configuration Error

01-08-2016, 12:18 PM
Trying to upgrade from LMTools 11.8 to LMAdmin 11.12. Have 3-server quorum configuration with multiple vendors and a license file for each vendor. Have installed LMAdmin and configured to 'Run as a service' on each member of the quorum. Next I open a web browser and go to the FlexNet Publisher page. From the 'System Information' menu I can see the Quorum State is 'Up' and it lists the 3 member hosts as 'Active'. When I try to import the license file, get the following:

Import Information:
Successfully uploaded license to licenses\VendorZ\licensefile.lic

Import Errors:
Bad three server redundancy configuration in C:\Program Files\FlexNet 11.12\licenses\VendorZ\licensefile.lic

Any ideas??