View Full Version : How to specify which project to use as the Primary Output?

01-05-2016, 01:25 PM
I have a solution with many projects in it. I am trying to create setups for the Windows Service projects in my solution. I have already gotten the Windows Service projects to work using a manual install via InstallUtil, but I want to be able to just provide my IT staff with a single setup.exe file that, when ran, asks them for an install location and then installs the service.

I just started using InstallShield LE with VS2012. I downloaded and installed the InstallShiled LE 2015 version. I have several service projects in my solution. When I run the Project Assistant and get to the Application Files step, I select "Add Project Outputs" and then check "Primary Output" but I do not see where I can specify which project the "Primary Output" is coming from. Once I click OK, It seems to just randomly select one of my solution projects for the Primary Output. I can't see how to change that once it is selected either. I am sure this is probably a simple issue but I am just not finding a way to have the setup project use the desired solution project for it's Project Output value.

I guess as an alternative, I can just select "Add Files" rather than "Add Project Output" and select all of the files in my projects ..\bin\release folder. But I am not sure that would make sure the InstallShield setup project would work properly.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


01-05-2016, 05:33 PM
OK, I selected "Add Files" rather than "Add Project Output" and and then selected all of the files in my project's ..\bin\release folder and that seemed to work for the setup project. The service installed as expected.

It would still be nice to know how to assign the setup project to a specific Windows service project within my solution so that I can simply select "Add Project Output", since that would be more convenient and make more sense.

Is it because this is the LE version, that it seems to assume you only have one project in your solution? Does the full version of InstallShield provide the ability to specify which project within the solution will be used by the setup project?