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12-21-2015, 05:31 PM

I am trying to understand the differences between Flexera products and SDKs so that I can choose the best API for my product.

My company sells a 3D measurement library that other companies can link into their products. It is a set of C++ headers and dlls compiled for VS2012 and VS2013 64-bit. We want to protect our dlls with license management that ties the dlls to unique computers.

Here are some basic questions that I have not found satisfactory answers to after reading the Getting Started and User's Guides:

(1) What is the difference between FlexNet Embedded and Publisher products and what are the use cases or design decisions that would lead a software developer to prefer one solution over the other?

(2) Within FlexNet Embedded, I see the C SDK and C XT SDK. What is the "XT" version of the SDK and why would a developer choose that version over the "C SDK"?

Any insight on these products from existing users would be appreciated.