View Full Version : SUITE: How to enable NEXT button

12-17-2015, 09:37 AM
I have a custom dialog where the NEXT button is disabled if the property values ISVALIDEMAIL and ISVALIDDATE are not set to true.

I have two text fields, in the OnChanged for one of the text fields, I run a managed code custom action that sets these properties. My log file correctly shows the values I expect, but the Next button does not get re-evaluated with the property change.

If I click Back and then NEXT then the NEXT button is enabled. So it appears that the condition for the Next button is only evaluated on wizard page load. What I need is for the condition to evaluate again on property changed. If the setup detects that a property has changed, either a new property is added, or a property is modified, then controls that check for property conditions should evaluate again.

Is there any way to force this behavior?