View Full Version : Upgrades View -> Add Automatic Upgrade Item no longer default

12-11-2015, 06:57 PM
In Install Shield 2014, in the Upgrades View, the 'Add Automatic Upgrade Item' was the default and had a keybind of the Insert (INS) key. The 2014 manual also mentions that it is the preferred method (http://helpnet.flexerasoftware.com/installshield21helplib/helplibrary/Upgrades.htm)

I recently upgraded to 2015, and it is no longer the default. 'Add Major Upgrade Item' is the default now (and is now bound to the Insert key). The manual (http://helpnet.flexerasoftware.com/installshield22helplib/helplibrary/Upgrades.htm#ref-views_3665898677_1024145) also no longer lists the Automatic as the preferred (albeit it doesn't list any of them as preferred).

I actually preferred the automatic - it was one less thing for me to figure out and worry about. So my first question: is there a reason I should no longer be using the automatic option?

My second question: is there a way to change the keybind back to Automatic so when I hit the Insert key (which I got into the habit of) adds that instead? And if so, how? (I tried poking through the customization options in the Tools menu, but didn't find a way)

12-22-2015, 12:17 PM
Bump. I know it's the holiday season, so I'm not expecting a quick reply. Any answers to any of my questions would be greatly appreciated.