View Full Version : Windows 10 Dialog not coming to the Foreground

12-09-2015, 06:16 PM
Testing on Windows 10 by downloading our setup through Microsoft Edge and then running it we are having problems with the InstallWelcome (Welcome to Installshield) dialog not coming to the foreground and being hidden behind the Microsoft Edge Browser. We even installed the SP1 of Installshield and it is still behaving the same. I'm guessing it's because Microsoft Edge is a Modern Program but I would think Flexera would have tested this and called the SetForegroundWindow to bring things to the front. It's very confusing for the user to have to look in the taskbar to see if the program is flashing waiting to be clicked on.

We are using a Basic MSI Project and compiling the msi into the Setup.exe

Also the Installshield Wizard (where it's extracting the msi) and the Windows Installer dialogs do not come to the foreground before the Welcome to Installshield.