View Full Version : How to set user defined App Pool via custom dialog

12-07-2015, 07:24 AM
Hello community,

I am a newbie when it comes to dialogs and custom actions. I have a basic msi project to install a web application and defined a new dialog with a combo box which should show application pools which can be choosen by the user. The dialog is displayed during installation. I can upload pictures of my current progress/settings if needed.

When I search for a solution I only find articles with vbscript code but I dont know where to add the code or how to proceed after adding the code.

#1 First I want to set the selected item as the name of the application pool.
- The combo box contains two items (defaultapppool and the name of the product)
- I have defined [MYNEWIISAPPPOOLNAME] as event on the next button and defined the property of the combo box as argument on the next button
- Under IIS settings I added a new Application Pool and set [MYNEWIISAPPPOOLNAME] as the name
- During installation I can choose one of the items. But the name of the application pool is not changed to the choosen item.
- I have no idea how to work correct with dialogs/control events.

#2 I want to show all existing application pools in the dialog mentioned above
- I have no idea how to dynamically add items to the defined combo box
- I have no idea how to get a list of existing application pools
- I have seen some examples of code but I have no idea how to add this code at the right place to fill the combobox

I would appreciate if someone can explain step by step how to get my project to work.

Thanks in advance.