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12-04-2015, 02:28 PM
I have read all the relevant article i found before posting this question.( I have also read that Microsoft does not recommend doing this )

We have a special requirement of multiple install for our application and i was wondering if it's "Doable"
Our application is contained in 1 folder and does need any file outside it's own folder.

Our application need multiple independent install on the same computer
So it could look like this,
\InstallFolder\company1\Could be at version 1.1
\InstallFolder\company2\Could be at version 2.1
\InstallFolder\company3\Could be at version 1.1

I was thinking of having a dynamic product name based in the company (which is unique)
-If we only execute the setup in the Company folder, could i detect what is the company folder name and then change the product name to the newly detected product name?
-So if we run the application from an empty folder, or a folder which it does not have my app installed into it, i go into install mode with the new product name.
-So if we run the application from a folder which has my app installed into it, i go into update mode with the existing the existing product name.
-Is it achievable? if so would you still go that way or would you find another way of doing it?

I guess i would need 2 script
1-One at start that set the DestinationFolder = SetupFolder
2-One at start that set the ProductName = CompanyName+AppName

Do i need to to change the productID?