View Full Version : Managed custom action result property doesn't work like a regular property

11-26-2015, 07:19 AM
I'm struggling with an issue where I have a managed code custom action (a C# DLL) that's doing some DB connectivity validation for me. The DLL itself runs successfully and its return value is also stored into a property I defined when assigning a custom method signature. According to MSI log the return value is stored into a property with a proper value, but still any controls or events depending on that property value aren't evaluated, i.e. a control that's supposed to be enabled after a successful connectivity check doesn't get enabled. If I add a separate button that set the same property value with a SetProperty action, everything works like it should. How could I get the managed custom action result to take effect in the UI?

11-27-2015, 02:08 AM
If I run the custom action, it does set the property just fine and the control which has the property value as its Enabled condition gets enabled if I back away to the previous dialog page and return to the one where the custom action was run. So if I could just trigger re-evaluation of conditions after setting that property from a custom action like it does if I have a control triggering a SetProperty action on the same page, my problem would be solved.

11-27-2015, 02:36 AM
...and now after another cup of coffee I just ran a SetProperty action setting MYPROPERTY to [MYPROPERTY] after the managed custom action and that's it.