View Full Version : xml file changes not working in maintenance.

11-20-2015, 11:51 AM
XML File Changes are being applied on fresh installation.
From ARP Modify I want the ability to reconfigure my app.configs. My Custom Actions and Dialogs are all Reading Form the Registry running Dialogs and Writing back to the registry but the XML File Changes aren't getting triggered. Can someone tell me how to do this?

I have one Feature, two child components.
One component is the project output another is WCFHostService.exe.config.
The WCFHostService.exe.config does list the single config file. I marked the file as always reinstall.

If I delete the config files. Then Change - Modify the config files do not come back. Note when I change Modify I have only one visible Feature. I am not actually changing Features. It does go through some install stuff. But it doesn't even want to put files back that I marked in the component as always reinstall. etc.

I have also learned that repair with always re-install will run XML file Changes (and put the missing file back) but change - modify does nothing. I really don't understand the purpose of change - modify with a single feature. It acts like it's doing something with a progress bar but I really don't understand what it's doing.

Now I am starting to think the best approach might be to make change - modify run my dialogs and then run a repair. Anybody got any ideas?