View Full Version : Need instructions on creating an installer for a non-PNP (kernel mode) device driver

11-11-2015, 01:58 PM
For 3 days I've been trying to create an InstallShield project that will automatically install a kernel mode device driver (non-PNP) into the system's driver store and ALSO get it to install the driver so that it appears in Device Manager after the install operation completes.

The device driver is for a SPI master controller that is present in an on-board FPGA. It is not a removable device. The driver is signed, and installs without problems when using Device Manager to "Add legacy hardware".

I can create an installer for it using DPInst.exe but that method only installs it into the driver store. Since the device is not plug-n-play, I cannot remove the hardware from my system, and then reinsert it to trigger the plug-n-play driver installation process.

I can use InstallShield to accomplish the exact same thing, i.e. - create a basic MSI project, run the device driver wizard, and package the driver and it's support files into an MSI package. When I install the MSI package, it does the exact same thing that occurs when the driver is packed with IExpress and DPInst.exe.

I don't want to become an InstallShield script expert in order to figure out how to do this. I just need to package a single driver that will automatically install when a customer executes the installer package. This is the sole reason we are considering buying InstallShield. So until I can accomplish this, I cannot in all good conscience recommend that my company spend the not-insignificant amount of money to license InstallShield.

Any assistance/guidance would be greatly appreciated.