View Full Version : registry data DWORD Max vlaue can not set using Installation Designer

10-30-2015, 03:01 AM
I am having difficulty understanding what Project Assistant is doing.

I use IS2015 Pro and project upgraded from IS2012.
IS 2015 User's guid shows that:

Configuring Registry Data in the Project Assistant
Project " This information applies to the following project types:
Basic MSI
InstallScript MSI
MSI Database
Task: To configure registry data:
1. In the Project Assistant, open the Application Registry page.
2. Select Yes in answer to the question about configuring registry data.
3. Right-click the registry item to which you want to add the data, select New, and point to Key.
4. Name the key.
5. Right-click the key, select New, and point to the appropriate command. You can pick Default Value, String
Value, Binary Value, DWORD Value, Multi-String Value, or Expandable String Value, depending on the type of
data you want to register.

I created DWORD Value and set it "0xFFFFFFFF (4294967295)" using Installation Designer.
but it turns into "0x7FFFFFFF (4294967295)".

and New Project(IS2015) is same result.

I do not understand is why it worked , the problem occurs?
Any help, suggestions or ideas greatly appreciated.