View Full Version : Unexpected behaviour of uninstaller

10-29-2015, 03:20 AM
In install phase we have following structure
- SpeedFolder [Folder_1] that has settings: override always and ignore (do not install one of subfolders "Folder2")
- SpeedFolder [Folder2] that has settings: 1) do not uninstall, 2) do not override files

If I'm doing installation on clean envirement (Folder2 doesnt exists in $INSTALL_DIR$) and then do uninstall then all works fine:
- creates folders structure Folder_1 and subfolder Folder2
- after uninstall everything was removed except Folder2 as was expected

BUT if I'll do installation to directory where Folder2 is exists and then run uninstall: then Folder2 also will be removed

Is there any solution to avoid second case?
Please Note: checkbox "Recursively delete all contents of this folder during uninstall" is not checked in.
Regards, Maxim