View Full Version : Installer hanging when aborting an install if install location selected is readonly

10-09-2015, 12:49 PM
Using IA 2014 Premier Build 4783 (Designer/Runtime: Public Hotfix A).

If we try to install to a location which doesn't have write permissions the installer is hanging when using console mode installation.
Even when we add checks and display a message regarding the install location permissions and if user chooses to abort the installation the also the installer is hanging. It seems installer is trying to move installation log to that read-only directory and is hanging there for ever. Observed this on RHEL 6.

In Project > General Settings > Log Settings > we have Install option selected and value provided is $USER_MAGIC_FOLDER_9$$\$$PRODUCT_SHORT_NAME$-uninstall$\$Logs$/$

On a Linux create a user and create a folder and make sure that newly created user doesn't have write permissions to that folder. Now try to install that location which will cause hang?

Is this a known issue and has been fixed (If so could you let me know version in which it is fixed)? Is there a setting in installanywhere project to set so that installanywhere checks for write permissions before moving install log file and logs / displays an error (with log location as well) and exits properly?

Further more testing revealed that this happens only in case if installer is being executed by non root user. Even "Quit" button in window opened when clicking "Cancel" button on initial screen is also hanging.