View Full Version : IsCmdBld stalls/hangs

10-07-2015, 09:41 AM
Hi all,

We have various *.ism projects that build automatically every monday via Powershell scripts and InstallShield SAB 2015.

Every now and then, the build just stalls for no apparent reason, at random locations. We have tried switching off the antivirus, but that did not make any difference.
Rebooting the build machine will sometimes make it better (it builds 4-5 projects out 6) but eventually hangs again.

When the problem occurs, the machine has plenty of memory to spare and it doesn't run out of space.

This is getting really frustrating because I could not find any way of getting more information about what is going on. And the problem is not consistent (sometimes it goes away for a few weeks).

Has anyone ever experienced this or has anyone got a clue what the problem could potentially be?