View Full Version : InstallAnyWhere 2015 Queries

10-06-2015, 05:57 AM
I am using InstallAnyWhere 2015. I have few queries which are listed below.

Is it possible to invoke/render html page in welcome panel?. To change the content which displays in welcome page.

Is there any option to add a text field as password type? Need to give text field as password field in user input panel which should be in hidden state.

Once the installation is complete, will any entries be added in any file? Previously I have used installshield multiplatform. In that, It will be adding an entry in vpd.properties file.

Grouping of panels - Is it possible to group the panels ? For example, I am having an user input panel with two options which will return certain value. Based on the selection I have to invoke different group of panels.

I have added string as global variable. I can use this variable through out the installation. Is it possible to change/replace/overwrite the variable for already defined variables.

Please provide your comments for the above mentioned queries.

Awaiting for your reply. Thanks in advance!