View Full Version : Reg: InstallAnyWhere 2015 Custom code action class

09-26-2015, 09:16 AM

I have been trying to execute custom code action (Panel: Custom code) using installAnyWhere 2015. I have added jar path and specified class name for custom code action. Please let me know how the log and debug for custom code action class can be traced.

Is there any method to debug or print log for custom code action ?

In earlier version we have used logEvent method. Is there any other method similar to this method?

Is there any alternative method for resolveString(String) which was used in previous version of installshield multi platform 5.1?

In InstallAnyWhere 2015, resolveString(String) is a method of interface (com.zerog.interfaces.util.StringResolver). We need the exact alternative method which was used in previous version of
installshield multiplatform 5.1 (com.installshield.wizard.WizardAction).

Please share your comments and thoughts on the above mentioned queries.