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09-08-2015, 03:18 PM
Hi all,

I've been toying with Web Site settings and I'm a little confused with how installation of the site is handled if the Port is used by another site (Default Web Site in my case - Port 80). In following this user's guide documentation blurb, I wouldn't expect anything to be installed or visible under IIS except the Default website...

80 (a non-zero number) 0 (the default value)

If the specified TCP port exists on the target system,
the installation installs the applications and virtual
directories to the Web site that is running on the TCP
port—in this example, port 80. The installation does
not apply any of the Web site settings that are
configured in the Internet Information Services view to
the Web site on the target system.
If the TCP port does not exist on the target system, a
new Web site is created with the Web site settings that
are configured in the project. In addition, the
installation installs the Web site’s applications and
virtual directories.

However, following install, there is a new site created with the applications underneath, however it is marked as stopped. Under the Default Web Site the folders for my applications do appear, though they are just displayed as folders and not applications. Those designations do appear under the new site, which again, I didn't expect to even be there.

Is this normal behavior or might I be missing another setting somewhere?

I'll also add that I am numbering the site with the next available number based on the documentation - create propert with its value set to INSTALLSHIELD_IIS_NEXT_NEW_SITE_NUMBER. The [PROPERTY] is then set in the IIS view for Site Number.

Any information greatly appreciated!!