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09-06-2015, 03:44 AM
Installing using Installshield Express 2012. Many of the computers this product is installed on are used by multiple people (at different times clearly), some of them may be Admin users, others 'ordinary' users, so it just needs to work for all of them, there are no special needs for Admins. I need at install time to create a folder and in it a small number of files which will be used by everyone, they are all read-only by the application. An example of what goes in there would be the application compiled help file (chm).

I'm looking under "Specify Application Data">"Files">"Destination Computer's Files". When I right-click below there I get an option to "Show Predefined Folder" and that then shows a whole list of folders. I need to select the best of these to use. So there must be no default access restrictions on the folder I create or it's parent which would prevent the application from opening any file in there, or from checking for the files existence no matter who is running it. Some possibilities seem to be: Appdatafolder, CommonAppDataFolder, CommonFilesFolder, LocalAppDataFolder, and possibly others but I really don't know which is the most appropriate to select.

The chosen location must work on older versions of Windows, possibly back to XP but certainly to Vista.

Can anyone please give me an idea which is the best to use and why?

Having selected a folder, how does the application locate it?

Many thanks