View Full Version : Change default path of Setup.inx

08-31-2015, 01:32 AM

I need to change the default path from where the installshield Compiler picks up the setup.inx file . I want to do so because of the following reason:

I don't want space in the name of the 'Script Files' Folder, so I renamed it as ScriptFiles. After renaming the folder and inserting the script files manually in the the install script files, when I build the project , It make another folder by the name 'Script files' and places setup.inx file in it. So I changed ISCompileOption_OutputPath to path_of_scriptFiles in Installshield table in Direct editor. Now the compiler is placing the setup.inx file as required in ScriptFiles and donot make any folder named 'Script Files'.

But now the problem is that It is not able to find to setup.inx file while compiling. So I need to Change the path from where IS picks up that file..

Any Help will be of great use,