View Full Version : Administrator privilege required to run CreateSkinFile.exe

Paul Dunnill
08-27-2015, 08:25 AM

I'm working on code to manage unattended builds of installers for a product using InstallShield 2015 Professional. One step in this process is to automatically generate the skin file for the product using CreateSkinFile.exe.

Every time I run CreateSkinFile.exe, I get a UAC (User Access Control) prompt for elevation to Administrator privilege. Clearly this behaviour is not compatible with unattended building, as the prompt requires user response. I don't see any reason that CreateSkinFile.exe would need administrator privilege, since all it does is to process a group of files in order to generate another file (to a non-privileged location in my use case).

I can work around the problem by starting the console used to run my unattended build script as administrator but this is not an ideal solution; I don't want the users of the script to have to remember to do this every time they start a build. It would be much better if CreateSkinFile.exe did not require a privilege level that it doesn't appear to need.

Has anybody else out there experienced the same problem and found a work-around?

Is there any chance that Flexera could change CreateSkinFile.exe not to require administrator privilege?