View Full Version : Setup.exe, Prerequisites, and Return Values.

08-18-2015, 09:46 AM
Hi all,

I created a Win Form app that will check for some IIS requirements and launch the approproate utility to get the pieces in place if missing. I started with a Win Form simply for testing purposes. Instead of reinventing the wheel, I just adjusted the code in the form_load event to do all the lifting then exit gracefully so the form never shows if successful.

With a try/catch I simply display a message box with any exception encountered then... this.close().

So, I'm thinking that even if an exception is received, My wrapping Setup.exe will still receive success. Is there a way I can return some value or the exception value, etc to the Setup.exe so it knows there was an issue?

If I need to create a different .exe of some sort, I can do that as well.

Any help guidance is appreciated!!