View Full Version : Update Setup.xml for a Suite Project

08-16-2015, 03:47 PM
The Suite Project Documentation says:
"When an end user launches the Suite installation, the Suite engine reads the Setup.xml file, loads the SetupUI.dll file, evaluates the conditions that are defined for the Suite and each of its packages, follows the instructions in the Setup.xml file, (if applicable) downloads packages and files that are needed on the target system, runs the packages that need to be run, and cleans up resources."

I created a suite project and added two msi files to it and associated them with one feature each. The package location was set to "Download from the web" and I provided the urls for the packages.

When I build the project, I find that Setup.xml and Setup_UI.xml are created in "Interm" folder while the suite project installer is Created in "DiskImages\Disk1" folder. As per the documentation, setup.exe reads setup.xml, I tried to copy the setup.exe to a different location and Launched it, It works without setup.xml, I even tried to delete setup.xml from the disk and the launched setup.exe, it still works. Does it require setup.xml or the information provided in setup.xml is embedded inside the setup.exe itself?

The reason for asking this is that my packages are stored on a secure server for which the download url is generated dynamically. I cannot provide the static url. So I just want to provide some dummy url and build the project. After build, I would manually update the setup.xml for the url information. This when read by setup.exe should get the correct url location to download the package.
Is it possible to provide setup.xml to setup.exe after updating it or is there any other way to handle the same?