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08-07-2015, 09:33 AM
I'm using IS2015. Currently I produce a setup.exe because I have some prereq's. Some of my customers prefer an MSI and will manage the prereq's on their end. I would like to generate both types without having to turn off all redistributables. Currently, I can generate both but I have to set setup Launcher to No and uncheck any redistributables.

Is there a way to produce both types without having to edit the project each time I dial-down to an MSI?


08-07-2015, 04:00 PM
Hi, we just went through this exercise. You need to make 2 releases under Media-->Releases. One for MSI and one for EXE (the names we gave our releases). On the MSI release, give it an entry in Release Flags (we named ours ExcludePrereqs), and select No under Setup Launcher. On the EXE release, leave Release Flags blank and select Yes under Setup Launcher.

Under Application Data-->Redistributables, right click on each prereq you have checked off and select Properties. In the Release Flags box, type IncludePrereqs.

In our build process, we build the install using IsCmdBld twice. Once using EXE as an argument to -r, and once MSI as an argument to -r.

08-11-2015, 04:12 PM
Great information. This worked for me. many thanks!

08-25-2015, 04:38 PM
Thanks for the info. I was wasting my time trying to use the Cache MSI Locally. I still find it ridiculous that this feature has never been built into Installshield. When building the Exe it builds the MSI and signs it so why not leave it behind? There's some customers who like the exe and others who want the MSI and it's stupid to force us to do 2 different builds.

08-26-2015, 04:29 AM
+1. Flexera, please allow to get both msi and exe at one build. We also have to build 2 different releases to get and msi, and exe. And it takes twice as long time it should really take.

09-29-2015, 05:50 AM
We now use the above message - however for a while we simply built the Setup.exe and then used a simple script that would run the exe and then look in on the machines Temp for the extracted MSI and snatched that.

When you run a setup.exe it will extract the MSI into the temp directory and then uses the product or package GUID to create another folder under this and the MSI will be there. You can then quit the setup.exe once you've nabbed the msi and actually run through the full install.

Just an option if time is that limiting or your build takes that long..