View Full Version : One application using multiple vendor daemons

08-07-2015, 07:17 AM
Hi, I'm developing software that already uses flexnet publisher to provide a floating license model to customers.

We have an old vendorname and until recently released all our software using licenses and a vendor daemon based on this vendorname, say 'old_vendor'. Some of these old licenses are valid for another year or two.
Now we want to use a new vendorname to provide the same licenses. So we have a new vendor daemon with a new name, say 'new_vendor'. From now on we want to give out new licenses using this new name. I managed to build a new vendor daemon with the new name and have been testing our software with licenses using ' new_vendor' as name. However this software does not work anymore with the 'old_vendor' licenses.

Our new software needs to work with both licenses, the old and the new ones. Ideally I would like our software to check whether a new license / vendor daemon is available, and if not whether the old one is available. We only want to provide existing customers with new licenses if the old ones are expired (or there must be another way to stop the old licenses from working otherwise customers will have twice as much licenses as before). Is there a way to provide a fallback or alias for vendorname that will be used if the primary name could not be found?

What is the best approach to do this. I have read something about common vendor daemons, but am not sure whether that is the right approach. Also I have read that it is deprecated.
Any advice is appreciated.