View Full Version : Access to Public Properties during minor upgrade

08-06-2015, 08:54 AM
I created an MSI a while ago - call this version 1. This has a few custom actions that read the value of one public property and use this value to populate another one. Recently, I have created a new version of this MSI (v1.2) which has some additional public properties in it. This installs fine during a normal installation. However, I have one customer who has a requirement to install the new version without uninstalling the old one so I have been treating the new version as a minor upgrade to the existing version. The v1.2 files get installed OK. However, I have a problem accessing the public properties that were introduced in the latest version of the MSI. Is this expected behavior seeing as they did not exist in the previous version for which I am attempting to apply a minor upgrade? If so, is there any way that I can access them?

I hope this makes sense