View Full Version : Migrate from Installscriot MSI to Installanywhere

Dayakar Reddy
07-13-2015, 05:52 AM

We are currently packaging our application using Installshield 2012 Spring on windows and Installanywhere 2012 Enterpise for unix platforms(Solaris, AIX and Linux Platforms).
We are planning to make use of only one tool(i.e Installanywhere) to package our product.

Installscript MSI is the project type being used to package our application on windows platform.

Here are some of queries that needs some clarifications:

1. I learned InstallShield Multiplatform project can be converted to installanywhere project using project manifest plugin. Similarly, Can I migrate the
Installscript MSI project into Installanywhere by using any tools?

2. In case, there is no tool to migrate from IS MSI project to Installanywhere, can you suggest me the steps that needs to be followed on manual migration?

3. How do you compare Installshield and Installanywhere to package an windows application?