View Full Version : Restart after Install - Windows doesn't ask user to save open files, help.

John Ng
07-11-2015, 09:52 PM

My engineer send me 2 versions of installation software for evaluation, which he said he has made no changes to the Restart settings, but just changes messages in dialog boxes.

However, when tested on Win 8
1. one version will restart win8 while win8 does not prompt there are applications with open files
2. one version will attempt to restart win8, but then win8 will prompt there are applications with open files

I am not a programmer, but I would like to know what may be possible cause of this difference?
and what is the setting which can cause the 2 different restart behavior.

Then I would like to know how can I test the installation software to make sure it is designed properly and make Windows attempts to restart properly such that it won't force restart if there is any open files; after all, making users lose their work is very bad.

Thank you very much.