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05-20-2015, 02:40 PM
Unfortunately, Mac OS X installer created from the Mac OS X build target at Build>Build Installers>Build Targets do not support running in silent and console modes. The installer created for Mac OS X is an app bundle which does not take command line parameters. To create installers that can run in console mode on Mac, you can use the Unix(All) or UNIX_with_VM build targets at Build>Build Installers>Build Targets. The installers created from these UNIX build targets would be .bin file that can be run in both silent and console mode. However, I also wanted to let you know that there are some known issues with UNIX installer running on Mac.

Workaround to install in Console Mode an application in Mac OS X

1. Create a conventional installer of your application for Mac OS X.
2. Edit the app bundle of your installer, edit the Info.plist of your installer:

Go to the folder: installer.app/Contents,
if you are using Finder press Ctrl-Mouse click and select “Show Package Contents”,
if you are using a Terminal session type: cd installer.app/Contents

Edit the Info.plist and change the parameter: “lax.installer.macosx.ui.default” from GUI to CONSOLE.

3. Now you have an installer that run in console mode by default.
4. How to invoke the installer?

Open a Terminal session
cd installer.app/Contents/MacOS
run the installer: ./installer

Note: You don't need creates a UNIX installer to install in Console Mode an application in the Mac OS X.